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Developer Content Production

Excellent developer-targeted content is one of the most potent tools for API providers and developer-focused companies with benefits across the API or product lifecycle.

It can help with outreach and awareness, inspire and empower your developers, and even reduce the burden for your support team.

My speciality

  • fully-working open source sample applications

  • to showcase the integration of one or more of your APIs in combination with other frameworks and technologies

  • for simplified but realistic customer use cases for your product

  • with documentation in the form of a walkthrough or step-by-step guide that your developers can base their own work upon

  • further content such as a screencast to visually explain the code

  • additional written texts around the application as promotional material for your blog and social media channels

Step by Step


You can provide scenarios that you want samples for, or we can work together to research and compile potential ideas that fit your market and your desired audience.


Through sensible choice of programming frameworks, libraries, and related technologies, you can get an SEO boost and exposure within the respective communities. My current focus is on various PHP-based frameworks (Symfony, Slim, Laravel), as well as NodeJS. However, I can help bring in developers for other programming languages, too.


I can build and document your application autonomously. If you want, I can also provide feedback on your existing material, such as the reference documentation, during this process. For unreleased APIs or those that have no documentation yet, I can likewise work closely with your development team.


For public APIs, I recommend open-sourcing sample code and putting it on GitHub or a similar public repository where it can gain additional exposure. On top of that, we can investigate fitting deployment options through online platforms that enable the developer to go from code to running application in no time.


We jointly decide the depth of the tutorial, i.e., whether it should only cover the most relevant code segments or whether we need to build step-by-step explanations. This decision should consider your developers' pre-existing knowledge as well as the relevance of the text for your content marketing and SEO.

Additional Content

I can create different versions of written content and assist with publishing on external platforms. On top of that, I can also record screencasts demonstrating the application and place them on your developer portal as well as sites like YouTube for additional visibility.


My aim for applications and their supporting material is to be self-explanatory. If needed, however, I can provide additional assistance on an ongoing basis. This could include a regular review to make sure the applications still work even with updated dependencies and that they are current with technological progress.


To scale up your content production, we can investigate ways to maximize your return on investment in developer content, for example, by taking the same concept and adapting it to multiple technologies or through various third-party integrations.

Additional Services

Even though I specialize in developer content production, my experience creating and consuming APIs and working with developer portals, as well as my background as a full-stack PHP developer, allows me to support your developer program in various ways.

API/DX Review

Through a professional review, I can provide actionable feedback on the ways that your API itself, as well as its onboarding experience, match current industry standards and best practices and how to improve

SDK+CLI Development

Many developers prefer working with APIs through SDKs. I can create a customized PHP SDK for your API as well as command-line utilities to make API requests.

Contact Details

Are you interested in my services or want to talk about other ways we might be able to work together to improve APIs and developer experience? I'd be happy to hear from you.

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